March 6, 2017

Choosing a Mover: Qualities Your Mover Should Have

Before you start researching moving companies for your next move, you have to first define what qualities make a good mover. We believe that the best moving companies should fall under the three P’s: punctual, precise, professional.

Qualities of a Good Mover: Three P’s

Punctual: Your time is valuable and a good mover understands that. Being punctual not only refers to showing up to pack up your belonging when they say they will, but it also means sticking to a schedule, not wasting time, and getting you out of your home or office when you need. Of course no one is immune to things that happen that are out of our control, but a good mover works to mitigate the effects of these occasions on your move.

Precise: A good mover values your business and wants to do right by you. This precision starts before the move. Accurate estimates are important and the best moving companies know that; a good mover gives you what to expect and remains as true to that expectation as they can so there aren’t any surprises later. Precision also extends into the move; being accurate in the techniques for packing out your belongings and transporting them properly.

Professional: Any good moving company is licensed and insured. This is not so much a quality, but a requirement for any professional moving company. Professional also means the mover is fully equipped with proper moving trucks and appropriate tools/materials for your move.

Hire Insured Moving Company
How to Choose a Mover
  1. Get Recommendations – Before, this meant talking to family and your social circle to find suggestions, but thanks to review sites like Yelp the pool to choose from has expanded and information is more readily available than ever. A number of 5-star reviews for a moving company might be more convincing than sifting through a rolodex and trusting you’ll end up with a good moving company.
  2. Screen Your Options – Check that the moving companies you are looking into have a license number issued by the state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC). You can call the PUC at 800-366-4782 to determine if a company is licensed and insured.
  3. Get Written Estimates – Get estimates from a few companies and compare. Don’t just go for cost; take a look at the value of each mover. A cheap estimate doesn’t mean you are getting the best value.
  4. Hire – After deciding which moving company is On Point with their business practices, hire your mover. Be available and easy to reach on the day of the move. Keep your mover’s contact information handy and don’t discard it until you are satisfied that your move is complete.

Once you hire a mover, make sure to avoid moving day blunders by being prepared before your movers arrive and know what you need to plan to move yourself. Ensure a smooth move and save a lot of frustration by moving with On Point.