November 17, 2016

10 Tips to Prepare For Your Move Before Movers Arrive

Moving can be stressful and often times overwhelming. Whether moving across town or long distance, there are a lot of factors that need to be carefully and thoughtfully planned for. Hiring professional movers alleviates some of the stress, but knowing what to do before movers arrive is important. Preparing for the move before the day comes makes for a more pleasant experience.

Your 10 Step Moving Checklist

  1. Purge
  2. Data Backup
  3. Inventories
  4. Moving Insurance
  5. Pack Smart
  6. Plan Out Moving Logistics
  7. Know What Not to Pack
  8. Don’t Forget the Pets
  9. Address Changes
  10. Eat and Hydrate

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Unpacking the things to do before the movers arrive:

1. Purge & Minimize Items

Minimizing the number of items that need to be moved helps ease packing as well as settling in to your new home. Junk adds weight to your boxes and time to the move that can end up costing you more money. Throw away or donate items that you no longer use or that you have duplicates of.

2. Backup Your Data

Technology can be touchy and if something happens in the process of the move losing your photos and documents could be devastating. Avoid this by backing your data up onto an external hard drive or to a cloud-based solution.

3. Make an Inventory

Having an inventory of what the movers will take and having documentation of those items covers everyone. Knowing what was taken and in what condition they were in helps to minimize conflict with movers and helps if an insurance claim needs to be filed.

4. Get Insurance

Although movers have insurance, getting additional insurance to cover items with high monetary or sentimental value is highly recommended.

5. Avoid Packing Too Heavy

Do not pack heavy items in large boxes. It might seem easy or convenient to pack all your books or dishes in one place, but doing so creates two issues. The risk of the box blowing out during the move is high and it leaves you with broken items and the movers with the task of gathering all the fallen items, adding time to your move. Also, boxes that are too heavy might not be able to be lifted or moved by your movers.

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6. Know Where Movers Should Park

Knowing where movers should park, best and easiest access to your home, and time limits on parking helps maintain an efficient move.

7. Establish a NO Pack Zone

Important documents traveling with you, cleaning supplies to tidy up your home when it is empty, medications, and treasured heirlooms should be set aside and clearly marked for your movers not to take. Taking this step will ease stress and clear up confusion about what is to be moved and what needs to stay with you. A clear, organized plan ensures a smooth move.

8. Plan For Pets

During a move, doors and gates are often left open increasing the chances that your pets will get out. By leaving them with a trusted friend or family member or in a dedicated enclosed area, you can eliminate hazards for the movers and keep your pets safe.

9. File a Change of Address

Make sure to file a change of address with the USPS before your move to ensure accurate mailing.

10. Have Drinks and Snacks Ready

The movers are working hard moving your belongings. Having cold water and snacks keeps them hydrated and energized making the move run smoother and more efficiently. It is appreciated by the movers and a kind gesture to show your gratitude for hard work.

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