September 15, 2017

Moving Logistics: Moving Guns with Movers

Before a move, California gun owners may ask themselves, “Can my full service mover move my guns?” The short answer is… yes! However, as a responsible gun owner, you should check your local and state laws regarding transportation of firearms. It is especially important to inform yourself regarding what the law is if you are crossing state borders during your move.

Note: policy on gun transportation also varies from moving company to moving company. Just because they are allowed to move guns doesn’t mean they will. Check the company’s gun transport policy before you decide to hire a moving company.

Moving Guns in California

Moving with guns

In the state of California you are allowed to transport your guns using a moving company. However, there is a short list of requirements in order to have your full service moving company transport your firearms to a new location

  1. All firearms must be unloaded
  2. Firearms must be cased
  3. Cased firearms should be stored in a trunk

Hazardous Materials regulations set forth by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation prohibits moving companies from transporting ammo and other household goods deemed as hazardous. Learn more about these guidelines in our hazardous materials blog. Because of these regulations, you will need to transport ammunition in your own vehicle.

Before Moving Day – Prepare Your Guns to Move

Make sure you don’t hit any snags on moving day and have all the prep work done for moving your guns before the movers arrive.

  • Remove all ammo
  • Apply the safety – even when unloaded, you should treat firearms as loaded weapons.
  • Make an inventory report
    • include: make, model and serial number of each gun
    • Do not store this information with your guns – take the list with you in your vehicle
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When Your Movers Arrive

Keep yourself and others around you safe while avoiding legal hassle during your move. Take care of your guns on arrival; make sure they have arrived safely with your other belongings. The process of moving your guns into your home should look like the following:

  1. Unload guns and emptied gun safe from the moving truck first – this should be top priority during the move.
  2. Set the safe inside your new home where you can properly store your firearms and ammunition.
  3. Load guns and ammo back into proper storage while referencing your inventory list, if needed.
  4. Lock safe and onward with the rest of your move

Before you plan to move guns make sure you understand your state and local laws while also taking the time to understand your moving company’s specific policy regarding moving guns in their trucks.

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