March 22, 2017

Moving Checklist: Timeline to Help Manage Your Move

What can a moving checklist do for you? Anyone who has moved knows that things don’t happen overnight and if they do, then your move probably didn’t go smoothly. Waiting to do everything at once increases the risk of missing something in the process and adds stress even after the move is complete. An organized and well thought out move makes managing the stress a lot more doable.

Preparing for Moving Day

Following a timeline while you prepare for the movers to arrive and having a moving checklist to guide you through the process will make things run seamlessly. In addition to a seamless move a moving checklist will let you know what you should have done and when to make your move more manageable.

Moving Checklist: Timeline for an Easy Move

8 Weeks Before a Move

  • research movers and collect estimates
  • sort through your belongings and make a purge pile
  • make an inventory of everything you plan on moving and place it in a moving binder
  • decide what you will personally be moving and know what your movers can’t move

6 Weeks Before

  • keep purging- look through closets and drawers; be ruthless. The more you purge the less there is to move
  • have a yard sale then donate what you don’t sell

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4 Weeks Before

  • Decide on a mover and book your moving date
  • If you plan on packing yourself, get moving and packing supplies
  • Start packing things that are out of season or that you don’t use often
  • Get change of address forms at the post office
  • Notify important parties of your new address
  • Make copies of all important documents

What to do before you move

3 Weeks Before

  • Arrange to have utilities shut off a few days after your move at your old address
  • Set up to have utilities turned on prior to your move date at new home
  • Start packing room by room
  • If necessary, reserve freight elevator in new building

2 Weeks Before

  • Keep packing
  • Properly dispose of items your mover can’t move
  • Arrange for a babysitter or petsitter during your move

One Week Before

  • Set aside what you will need day of move- medicine, documents, and cleaning supplies
  • Defrost fridge two days before you move

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BONUS Moving Tips
  • Label boxes with a corresponding number to your inventory list- If a box goes missing you’ll know exactly what the contents of the box are.
  • Build a moving binder; should contain contracts, insurance documents, inventory lists, mover contact information and PUC/State license number.