April 27, 2017

Moving Logistics – How to Move Specialty Items

Moving, in theory, seems to be an easy task when you think of only packing your belongings in a box. However, moving logistics can be a headache, whether you are a novice or experienced mover. What do you do with things that don’t fit in boxes? Do you need special equipment or supplies? These are the things that people often overlook when they plan a move.

Things That Are Harder to Move Than You Think

There are a number of items that movers often come across that people need help packing up or moving. They are often common household items, but sometimes include specialty items.

Moving Logistics – Plants

During a move plants become difficult to move because they often don’t fit conveniently into a box. Their awkward shape usually comes with a mess from spilled soil if they are packed incorrectly.

How to Move Plants

2-3 Weeks Before a Move

  • Repot any plants that are currently in clay pots into unbreakable plastic pots
  • Prune plants, if appropriate, to make them easier to pack

One Week Before

  • Check plants for insects & pesticides and treat plants if needed

2 Days Before

  • Avoid watering plants any later than 2 days before the move

One Day Before/Moving Day

  • Place plant in a box, making sure it fits snug to avoid moving and shifting plant/soil during the move
  • Closing the box? Punch holes in box and make sure to label top of the box clearly to avoid loading plants incorrectly.

Moving Logistics – Fish Tanks

Aquariums and fish tanks are sensitive to change and moving can take a toll on the inhabitants of the tank or the overall ecosystem. Many times the fish or other inhabitants are loved family members or expensive assets that should be moved with care.

Tips for Moving a Fish Tank
  1. Remove fish from tank and place them in smaller containers with tank water
  2. Stabilize fish as much as possible in a box to avoid jostling them during the move
  3. Empty fish tank about 2/3rds, keeping 1/3rd of the water in the tank to maintain the bacteria colony of your fish tank
  4. Make sure tank is secured in a a snug container with proper materials, like bubble wrap; tank should be placed in a waterproof box/container in case of spillage

Moving a Fish Tank

Moving Logistics – TVs

The ideal situation when moving a TV is to have the original packaging, but in most cases, people no longer have the original box and packaging.

How to Pack a TV Without Original Packaging
  • Use a moving blanket or bubble wrap to cover the TV
  • Wrap in packing tape to secure blanket or packing material/li
  • Keep TV upright as you slide into appropriate box
  • Stuff box with additional packing materials to ensure TV is not packed loosely
  • Transport upright and secured to wall of vehicle to avoid toppling over

Other Specialty Items

Items that are considered specialty items are typically not easy to move. Often times these items are not just heavy, but they are usually oversized and delicate requiring extra consideration and equipment to move.

What is a Specialty Item
  • Pianos
  • Pool tables
  • Appliances (i.e. washer, dryers, stoves/ovens, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Chandeliers
  • Hot tubs
  • Artwork

**Always check with your mover to confirm if specialty items are moveable and to make sure they bring the necessary equipment on moving day.

Final Note

Muscle is not enough for a move; a move also requires strategy and the right equipment. Common household furnishings and decor can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not plan ahead. Many of these items people don’t think about until they are tasked with packing and moving them which can add stress to a move. Hiring a full service moving company can alleviate the stress and headache of a move.


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